Rememberwhen262 Is a new on-line business aimed to get our customers the best possible products that they may be interested in at fair, competitive prices.

The core of our business is aimed at the used, vintage and/or antique collectors of items ranging from a wide based of sports products to comics, cameras, over twenty thousand albums and ten thousand 45’s, womens’ cultural items as well as a sizable collection of black historical memorabilia.

However, we have expanded from our original core classifications to carry everything from new “Coach” watches to “Ninja Turtle” collectables. If you desire something and cannot not find it anywhere else on-line, we challenge you to visit our site and there is an above average chance that you will find what you are looking for there at Rememberwhen262.

The team is lead by myself (newly retired from CT) with three additional members whose main goal in business is to make you the customer so happy that we will be the only site that you will ever need to visit in the future. We are a very dedicated group of individuals who will always be available to meet your needs.

Again, my name is Nick Caputi. I am the team lead and can always be reached if required.

I hope that your enjoy your experience on our site and find us to be one of the primary, if not the primary source, of all of your future out of the ordinary needs.

Thanks you for your time and visit to our site.


The team is lead by me, Nick Caputi, an avid collector of items for over thirty-five years.